EdPays - Education Pays for Texas

Data sources

While this online tool provides a valid and reliable measure of the individual economic benefits of a college degree, it is important that users of this tool are aware there are limitations to what can be inferred from the data provided:

  • Earnings data are not provided for graduates employed outside of Texas.
  • Earnings data are not provided for graduates who are self-employed.
  • After graduation some students will choose to continue their education at a graduate level.
  • Data provided are earnings at the identified point in time and may not represent long-term income prospects.
  • Individuals have different strengths and goals and these will have influence over earnings after graduation.
  • A degree or award has a value beyond earnings.
  • Earnings and the job market do vary across the state; therefore, the location of employment may contribute to salary variances. Other factors may include age of graduates and work-related experience.

Data sources:  THECB& TWC