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Number of Graduates (Cohort):

The cohort includes all graduates from undergraduate and graduate programs offered by Texas institutions who graduated during the noted year and who did not earn a higher level of degree at any time during tracking period. The tracking period may be one, three, five, eight, or ten years. If a graduate earns a higher level of degree during the tracking period he/she is removed from the original cohort and included in the cohort of the latest graduation year. Only graduates identified by a valid Social Security Number (SSN), necessary for matching with employment records, are included.  The records are unduplicated by highest level of degree earned that year.

Employment Records:

The employment data include Unemployment Insurance (UI) Wage Records for employment in Texas provided by the Texas Workforce Commission (TWC). The data do not include graduates employed outside of Texas.


The programs included in the report must have at least 5 graduates. A program is defined based on Classification of Instructional Programs (CIP) 4-digit codes, developed by U.S. Department of Education's National Center for Education Statistics (NCES). For program information see http://www.txhighereddata.org/Interactive/CIP/


This is the wage earned by the graduates during an entire calendar year after graduation. Not all graduates with wage data are included in the wage calculation. To be included in the wage calculation a graduate must work at least three quarters of the year. If an individual has multiple jobs, all wages are included. The wages are not adjusted for inflation in the different years provided. The graduates may or may not work in the field of study.


Number of graduates — The total number of students in the cohort who graduated from the programs offered by Texas higher education institutions.

Time-to-degree (Average time in years) — The average number of years taken to graduate from the program start date until the graduation date. Graduates are tracked for ten years prior to graduation.

Percent of graduates with loans — The percent of graduates in the cohort who accumulated loans during their years in Texas higher education institutions.

Average loan — The average loan amount is calculated for the graduates who accumulated loans. The loan amount represents the total loans the graduate accumulated in higher education, regardless of institution or degree that was earned. Data is available for programs with at least 3 graduates with loans.

Average X-year earnings  The average of the earnings during the calendar year presented. The wage is available for the first-, third-, fifth-, eighth-, and tenth-year after graduation.